On cellular automata as a vehicle for exploring the foundations of physics and the Standard Model

Temporary post, under construction. »

No life among the stars

On Facebook, in response to this article that's been circulating today for some inscrutable reason, one A. Melaragni said: Apparently the guy is just talking about our own galaxy; there »

Cappallo-Goldbach Conjecture

Three new recent discoveries. First, it turns out that you can generate a complete list of primes in the following fashion. Using %n% where %p + q = 2n%, let %n = 2% »

Ideal combinatoric strings

This is something I worked on a year ago, so I'll keep it (relatively) brief. Inspiration There's a keypad on my apartment building which accepts 5-digit codes. One day on »

The reason for relativity

As usual, the main ideas here are wildly speculative, written down as food for thought. I am not claiming to be a cosmetologist or astrologer. For the purposes of this »