Goldbach as bitfield

I've been trying to visualize the problem in many different ways, tables and graphs and geometry and anything else that seems plausible. Here's one I nailed down this morning that's »

Lower bound of big-O for sort

This is a quick story about today's thing that I discovered that is already in Wiki. I must be up in the triple digits at this point. That said, this »

A thought of little bit

So here's how I went down the information theory rabbit hole this morning. How much information is in a bit? You might say '%1% bit.' I am inclined »

Exploring computation space

The birth of Skynet A couple of years back, I wrote a little program named Skynet. It uses a configurable set of assembly-like instructions to spawn tiny programs, cobbled together »

More Subset Sums

Shit, I made the mistake of thinking about them, and now I'm back on it. We'll try the opposite tack this time, though: proving that it's impossible to solve in »